Let’s Make Something Together

One of my favorite things about running Liz’s Beautiful Things is all the amazing people I get to meet, who all share my love for Beautiful Things! I love getting to know incredible people and helping them create homes that they love.
When I realized how many people would love to spiff up their home without doing a full remodel, I decided to start hosting events. I wanted a way to connect with people and give them a little taste of what it’s like to work with Liz’s Beautiful Things while keeping things fun! These events are a great way to learn something new, meet other people who love decorating their homes and create a beautiful customized piece of art for your house.

Make Your Own Beautiful Things

I host events a few times a month. These events include a meal (usually tacos or brunch!), all the supplies you need to make a craft, and hands-on instruction from me. These fun classes are a great opportunity to go out with your friends, make new friends, learn a new skill, and create something beautiful!
If you love learning new things, decorating your home, and meeting great people, you’ll love coming to one of my events! To find out when the next one is, just visit my Facebook page (link) and sign up for an awesome event today!

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